Happy Birthday to the Great Kobzar!

The 208th birthday of Kobzar!

"Fight and you will win!
God is with you!
Truth and glory are on your side
And holy will! "
An example of the indomitable spirit of a nation, a prophet and a genius - Taras Shevchenko... Today, on his birthday, every word in this difficult time sounds for us like guidance... His words have inspired Ukrainians to fight for two centuries. They support us in the darkest hours. That is why even in times of war we pay tribute to our Kobzar. We have risen against the world's biggest aggressor, against the empire of evil! We are breaking the chains and watering the freedom of our people and of the civilized world with enemy's evil blood. And on the renewed earth there will be no opponent of the enemy! Let's fight! We will definitely win!"

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